The love for authentic seafood runs in our Mediterranean blood.  Located off Burj El-Arab Airport road, enjoy a unique and delicious Mediterranean dining experience of Greek seafood. Whether you’re in the mood for sea bass, millet, calamari, clams or shrimp, Fish Island is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.


Fish Island is a Greek themed restaurant situated in the middle of the Marriott Lake. The best part is, children get to enjoy fishing activities in the Fishing Academy, making it fun for the entire family!

It all started by the idea of Sea food on an Island in the middle of the Marriott Lake, enjoying a splendid view of and delicious original plates, marinated with the original herbs from all over the world to enrich the taste experience as well as the cooking & our famous grilling way and cooking traditions.

1 Burj El-Arab Airport road, Facing Orouba Mall Marriott Lake, End of Taameer axis, Alexandria, Egypt

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